Tools That Help Christians Live With JOY

Gratitude develops trust which leads to prayer which results in joy. We at Ut Unum have recovered ancient Christian tools and practices to help all who long for good days.

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To mature Christians to renew the Church to save the world. It sounds impossible, we get it... but what is impossible with men is possible with God.

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How To Find Your Calling - Part 1

Nate Carden

What is work without meaning and what is life without purpose? These are the questions that my generation is trying to answer. We are discontent with any job that does not allow us to contribute because we can see that this life is all we got and we have decided that there is no sense in wasting our energy on meaningless work. We want our lives to make a difference to someone or something. 

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The Two Wolves Battling Inside You

Nate Carden

Self-control is a fruit of the spirit. But what is self-restraint? The definition describes it as holding oneself back, limiting or restricting oneself, keeping oneself under control, depriving oneself of freedom or liberty, to bridle oneself…etc. 

But why practice self-restraint? In other words, why should we fast?

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Why Is Life So Complicated?

Nate Carden

Have you ever been so sure of a course of action that “you just knew” that it was the right thing to do? Has there ever been a thing that you just couldn’t live without (car, jewelry, clothes, house...etc) and which the acquisition of that thing only brought about more complication in your life?

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